Sources of engine oil degradation

Oxidation stability is another characteristic of engine oil. This is the ability of Polytron oil to retain its unaltered characteristics throughout use or storage. Temperature negatively influences the oxidation of the oil. The higher the temperature and in the presence of oxygen, the more pronounced the oxidation of the oil. Following the oxidation process of […]

Protect your car engine from extreme winter and summer temperatures with POLYTRON engine oil

Temperaturile extreme solicita motorul masinii tale. Indiferent ca vorbim de temperaturile foarte scazute ale iernii sau cele extrem de ridicate ale verii, ambele creeaza conditii dificile de lucru pentru motor. Iarna, temperaturile pot scadea mult sub 0°C. Pornirea si functionarea motorului la temperaturile extrem de scazute pot fi solicitante pentru componentelor acestuia. Conditiile nu devin neaparat mai […]

POLYTRON Benefits: Protects the Car's Engine and Provides Efficient Control Services

Buying engine oil involves more than choosing the right product for your car's engine. Product ordering services can be just as important as the products themselves. POLYTRON is a brand created for engine performance, but also to offer the right control services for drivers. We want to offer drivers […]

"It really seems to me the best oil on the market that exists (and I've even tested enough)"

From an unknown engine oil to one of the top preferences of drivers Changing or choosing a new engine oil for your car can be difficult. You are not sure if it is suitable for the car's engine, what are the effects of this change and if it will bring the results it promises. These are just […]

Are You Unsure About Choosing The Right Engine Oil For Your Car? POLYTRON Specialist Answers Your Questions!

Do you want to choose the engine oil that suits your car and that offers maximum engine performance and longevity? A good engine oil takes care of your car's engine. First, it reduces the friction between the piston and cylinder segments. This friction occurs every time the engine is running. Engine oil […]