Do you want to choose the engine oil that suits your car and that offers maximum engine performance and longevity?

A good engine oil takes care of your car's engine. First, it reduces the friction between the piston and cylinder segments.

This friction occurs every time the engine is running. Engine oil reduces it and considerably reduces the risk of hard friction between metals.

An oil enriched with anti-wear agents, cleaning agents-dispersants and rust inhibitors protects the car's engine and prevents wear on the extremely demanding parts of the engine.

All these features indicate a beneficial engine oil for your car's engine.

Do you want the engine oil to meet these requirements and be compatible with the car manufacturer's specifications?

The POLYTRON specialist is ready to answer all your questions and recommend the engine oil according to your car.

Why Ask the POLYTRON Specialist?

The POLYTRON specialist answered thousands of questions from drivers about what kind of oil fits their car.

He advised them on choosing the right engine oil and clarified their doubts about its characteristics.

Here are just some of the recommendations of the POLYTRON Specialist.


Do you want a personalized recommendation from the POLYTRON specialist?

Leave us a comment with the following specifications of the car and a POLYTRON specialist will recommend the ideal product to you as soon as possible:

  • Car brand
  • Fabrication year
  • Number of kilometers
  • Tipul de combustibil

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118 thoughts on “Esti Nesigur In Alegerea Uleiului De Motor Potrivit Masinii Tale? Specialistul POLYTRON Iti Raspunde La Intrebari!

  1. Razvan says:

    Buna ziua, am un Opel Insignia 2.0 CDTI fabr. 2011 la care am reconditionat motorul (vibrochen, cuzineti etc…) In prezent presiunea uleiului este mai mica fata de un motor nou sau ne-umblat in el. Va rog sa imi recomandati o solutie optima care sa imi ridice presiunea uleiului si sa imi protejeze motorul. In prezent folosesc uleiul recomandat de producator (5w30) iar cand motorul ajunge la temperatura optima de functionare presiunea uleiului este mai scazuta cu 0.5 bar fata de normal. Inainte sa trec la ulei Polytron este nevoie de un tratament motor in vechiul ulei?

  2. Cosmin says:

    Buna ziua! Saptamana viitoare vreau sa fac revizia, mi-au spus niste prieteni de uleiul POLYTRON si as vrea sa cumpar. Am un Audi A6 din 2006, 200.000 km, benzina V6 quattro. Ce vascozitate imi recomandați?

  3. Robert Gabriel says:

    Buna seara ,urmeaza sa fac schimbul de ulei si am nevoie de sfatul dumneavoastra !
    Marca masinii : Golf 5
    Anul de fabricatie: 2006
    Numarul de kilometri: 241.000 km
    Tipul de combustibil : 1.6 mpi 102 CP, motor BSE

  4. Costin says:

    Buna ziua! Am Skoda Octavia 3, an 2014, motor benzina1.2 TSI, 77 kw(105 cp). Va rog sa-mi spuneti ce ulei mi se potriveste si in ce cantitate.

  5. Bogdan says:

    buna seara.
    Marca masinii : seat ibiza
    Anul de fabricatie: 2008
    Numarul de kilometri: 145.000 km
    Tipul de combustibil : 1.2 12v 51kw,benzina + gpl
    cod motor — BXV….o recomandare va rog.

  6. Dinu Botarel says:

    Buna ziua!

    121700 km ,an 2010
    MOTORIZARE: 2.4 i (CU2)
    CARBURANT: benzina
    PUTERE: 201
    SERIE DE SASIU: JHMCU25009C234331

  7. Padurariu Cezar says:

    Buna ziua,sunt Padurariu Cezar,am un Fiat Albea din 2005,motor 1,2,am facut un schimb de ulei si tratament anul trecut,parca in iulie,am facut vreo 15000 km,ce mi recomandati?
    Va multumesc.

    • Polytron says:

      Puteti folosi tratamentul de motor Polytron la fiecare schimb de ulei. El curata si dizolva depunerile din motor in timp ce actioneaza.

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